Bramble Cottage archive

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Discover a fascinating set of records through the ages.

Bramble Cottage archive.
Below are the archives of deeds relating to Bramble Cottage in Bishops Offley. These provide a fascinating insight into the ownership and transfers that took place on this site during the past 150 years.


Before the existing cottage, a bungalow stood on the site:

In 1991, the property was transferred (to see the full conveyance, simply click the image):

A previous sale in 1978 had transferred the property to Frank Broadbent:
1978 transfer

This was after Joseph Ridgway had bought the property in 1938 from Joseph Ball:
1938 purchase

Joseph Ball had acquired the property in 1919 from Arthur Gaywood:
1919 purchase

Check out the wills relating to the Gaywood family who were owners of the property and the associated land:

1847 - will of Mary Gaywood

1885 - the will of William Gaywood

1899 - will of Thomas Gaywood

Map of associated land at the Mill