Here you can figure out how the landscape has changed. One of the most exciting additions to our set of resources is the huge map of Bishops Offley, scanned by Nancy Harper as part of her research into the area.

If you would like to download it - it's enormous! However,we have made a lower resolution version of it for your pleasure - click on the compass rose below (which is from the map) and the image will download in JPEG format (over 1MB).

compass rose

Bishops Offley sits in the heart of Civil War territory with tales of battles and hiding places, stolen diamonds and lost fortunes.

To see how Bishops Offley looks today and looked yesterday and the day before, visit our maps below (click the map to see an enlarged version):

Bishops Offley 1901

bo map 1901 small

Bishops Offley 1880

bo map1880 small