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See photos of buildings yesterday and today.

Bishops Offley has been around a long time! See some pictures of the way things were and are now - our magical images just need you to drift your mouse pointer over them to bring them bang up to date.

Or, find out a lot more about one particular property - Bramble Cottage, formerly Moderna, formerly lots of other things. Check out the deeds, the wills and the plans, right here.

Here's a selection of pictures of Bishops Offley - some are dated but others we are not sure about. Do you know anything more about them? Click on the small image to get the larger one ... but before you do, you're in for a surprise! Yes, it's the same picture, taken in 2003.

The Old Shop
This photo is from the mid to late 1800s. You can see the handles of the cart used by the shop for deliveries. Many of the original buildings and walls have changed little in the intervening years.

The large tree in the background of the modern picture had just been pollarded the day before the photo was taken. It had been as full as it was 150 years previously!

shop small

The Brown Jug
In this image, the shop's cart can be seen outside the shop. The original sign over the pub door indicates the then licensee: J. Ball.

jug small

A Farm Cottage
This cottage has changed rapidly in recent years - this original photo is not very old. Notice the television aerial. However, clear marks show it's the same property as the new photo - check out the black brick on the middle chimney in both pictures. And, can you see the mystery person there? They're in both pictures!



Another Cottage
No roll-over for this one. This cottage has been developed in present times and yet retains much of its original character.

orchard 1900 small

Coachman's Cottage and The Shop
This image from around 1930 shows very clearly the signs around the shop and the petrol pumps in the garage forecourt. Coachman's Cottage, just behind the garage, is virtually unchanged visually, although it has been significantly and lovingly renovated inside. Click the image for a much larger version.


Detail of postcard on the back of the image above

The postcard of Bishops Offley contained a message top people in Newcastle - evidently the writer was holidaying in Bishops Offley. Can you read what it says? Click the image for a much larger version.


Coachman's Cottage from the opposite end
This undated photo shows the entrance to The Moount and, next door, Coachman's Cottage. In the distance you can see the garden of the pub and, in front of it, a pony and trap - probably the one belonging to the shop. Click the image for a much larger version.






Brown Jug promotional card
This card was evidently handed out to remind people where they had a good time. Peggy (who still lives in Bishops Offley) and Bob Cheetham were the hosts at this pub. The image was taken from the field opposite and includes the phone box which was taken away in around 2004. Click the image for a larger version.


Bishops Offley from the air before developments at Manor Farm
Aerial photos from Patrick Horton. Check out the brick barns in the farm yard - they are now converted to three dwellings. This use of farm buildings for homes has been widespread in Staffordshire.
















offley from air sm Offley from air2 sm


The Horticultural Show
This photo is of a poster for the show, held in August 1928 - how similar to our Millennium Green events!