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Bramble Cottage archive

Discover a fascinating set of records through the ages.

Bramble Cottage archive.
Below are the archives of deeds relating to Bramble Cottage in Bishops Offley. These provide a fascinating insight into the ownership and transfers that took place on this site during the past 150 years.

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Find anything historical that we couldn't classify under the other headings. 

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See photos of buildings yesterday and today.

Bishops Offley has been around a long time! See some pictures of the way things were and are now - our magical images just need you to drift your mouse pointer over them to bring them bang up to date.

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Here you can figure out how the landscape has changed. One of the most exciting additions to our set of resources is the huge map of Bishops Offley, scanned by Nancy Harper as part of her research into the area.

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Here are photos of people who lived in Bishops Offley long ago. 

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