100 Club

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About the club

The Millennium Green, situated on the edge of Bishops Offley, is an excellent facility for the village and the communities in the area. In order to meet the running costs of the Millennium Green, the Trustees have organised various fund-raising events. They would now like to set up a 100 Club for those interested in the long term use of the Green.

What is a 100 Club?

This is a club whose members contribute a weekly amount of money, in this case, 50p per ticket. The money is collected in advance by a quarterly standing order of 6 pounds 50 pence.

The collected money is divided in two. One half goes to the Millennium Green. The other half is used for the monthly draw. If the club has, say, 50 members a total of 1300 pounds is raised in one year: 650 pounds for the Millennium Green and 650 pounds for the monthly draw - 50 pounds per month with two draws at Christmas.

Who can join?

Absolutely anyone! All you have to do is get the standing order form and application from Jon Ball, Carter's Croft, Aspley Lane, Chatcull, Stafford ST21 6QE. Complete it and return it and you will be placed in the draw.

To have the forms posted to you, use this This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. link.


Winners for August 2011

1st    Stuart Kennedy

2nd    Nick Evans

3rd Katie Jones